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    BBC 中文稿是 Karishma Vaswani 自己写的么?  还是BBC翻译发给PACD的?

     “但当我问及他与中国军队和政府目前的联系时,他却不那么自信了”stands strong in the face of pressure -> his mood change.



    This is a man who wants the world to believe that his company stands strong in the face of pressure from the US.

    But where I saw his mood change was when I asked him about his current links to the Chinese military and the government.

    While he answered all my questions, he refused to be drawn into a conversation on this, only to say that these were not facts, simply allegations - and insisted that political connections are not what has led Huawei to be successful today.

    When I put to him the reports that his former chairwoman, Sun Yafang, had once worked with China's Ministry of State Security, he told me that her profile was up on the company's corporate website and that he didn't think it was "OK to suspect or guess where this person used to be".

    Politics has played a part though, in the arrest of his daughter, and chief financial officer of the company Meng Wanzhou.

    Up until now, Mr Ren has chosen to stay clear of wading into the motivations behind his daughter's arrest - but today he pointed the finger at the US for her predicament.

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